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As a small medium-sized company, we cannot afford to employ a professional, experienced marketing specialist full-time. We found a solution in cooperation with the company PTL, which prepared a professional solution for us at an affordable price, starting with SEO marketing, creating a new logo and a complete design manual, up to an elaborate sales brochure. In addition to the overall improvement of our company's image, PTL also contributed to changing our sales presentation and strategy.

Within the Academy of Social Banking, we conducted non-profit organizations at a workshop in Prague on 12 and 13 February 2019 by creating a marketing plan and promotion strategies on social networks and websites. Vít Skála, CEO of the social firm PTL, gave them practical instructions and questions from a strategic marketer. It was very beneficial for the participants (a total of 18 representatives from 14 non-profit organizations) to clarify the importance of marketing and visibility in the online space, especially in connection with the sustainability of their activities. Clients welcome similar events, as confirmed by both the full capacity of the workshop during both days and the positive feedback. We look forward to further cooperation with Mr. Skála.

With the aid of Adwords, during the first month PTL, s.r.o. managed to break up sales in our e-shop like no one else. And five fighters tried to do it before them.

In the tender, we chose PTL as a supplier of services in the field of digital marketing. This was partly because we had positive recommendations, but especially because they were willing to embark on a relatively strict model of cooperation in the field of evaluation of campaign results and payment for these services. Due to the fact that we had the campaign supervised by Microsoft, the pressure on the quality of services, correct targeting and appropriate settings was very high. I can thus confirm that the expected assignment was fulfilled without reservations and the results exceeded expectations. In the future, we expect to expand our cooperation to other areas such as SEO, etc.

Cooperation with the PTL agency has been very beneficial for us from the beginning. The agency provides our faculty with professional client service and together we have overcome several obstacles that previously seemed unsolvable. Thanks to excellent communication and customer care, we achieve our desired goals in our campaigns.

Since I decided to add new text content to my photos on the website, I contacted PTL, s.r.o. agency. From the beginning of the order for editing existing texts, I was very satisfied with the communication and professional approach. The site seemed to come to life, and I received some recommendations on how to improve it. I took the advice and incorporated it on the websites. I am extremely satisfied with the result.

We use the complete range of services of PTL, s.r.o. Thanks to this, new interested parties are constantly contacting us and we have no need for customers.

I was very pleased to cooperate with PTL. I presented my needs and they proposed a solution in a very short time. Within a few days, they organized and completed a series of trainings in nine different cities (20 to 30 participants per place) – thanks to well-targeted advertising on Facebook. In 14 days, I gained over two hundred new people interested in business cooperation. Almost everyone has subscribed to my news, and every day I now receive several e-mails with specific questions about joining a joint venture. It suits me that I can focus on the essence of my business and I can delegate the concern for technology and advertising to someone who understands that. I will definitely work with PTL on other campaigns.

When I started consulting and teaching automatic drawing, I didn't even have a website. It was enough for customers to share my phone number. I have several websites today. I followed the advice of the magicians of internet business, marketing and advertising for a long time and did everything myself. That's what it looked like – I didn't enjoy a lot of activities or I didn't understand them in depth. The division of labor is an excellent invention. I found an excellent collaborator in Vít Skála. High expertise, coverage of all marketing issues, reliability, helpfulness and especially humanity, thanks to which we can agree on a strategy, including financial. I no longer miss customers, the database of contacts is growing and sales are regular.

I had to close my store due to the reconstruction of a building. In my dreams, I was bothered by lost profits, payments for electricity and complete insurance for the self-employed. The agency PTL brought hope again. Great communication, providing the necessary information and the result is a new e-shop, which was completely made within one week. Absolute satisfaction!

Employee profiles > Pavel Brabec

Pavel Brabec

After years of stereotypical work, I got a chance to do something new. I learned online marketing as a self-taught person. PPC is changing every day and what worked yesterday may not work today. In addition to PPC advertising, I take care of keyword analysis at the PTL agency.

Google Ads and Sklik campaign settings and management, keyword analysis.

Five years in a marketing company and a social firm.

Employee profiles > Eva Liberdová

Mgr. Eva Liberdová

I started marketing and SEO in a non-profit, where I was in charge of the website’s content and its administration. Since 2014, I have been involved in online advertising and paid campaigns on Google Ads and Sklik Seznam. I have a compound Google Ads certification.

Keyword analytics. Competition analytics. Marketing analysis.
Settings, administration, data analytics for Google Ads and Sklik campaigns.

Get the most relevant visitors and potential customers of the website and e-shops with the smallest possible amount of money. Optimization itself takes time that pays off.

Employee profiles > Vít Skála

PhDr. Ing. Vít Skála, Ph.D.

I am one of the first Internet users in the Czech Republic. 🙂 I have been actively using it since 1992 and I was fascinated by this network from the very beginning. Since 1998, the Internet has been making a living more or less at various stages. In 2016, I founded a social firm specializing in internet marketing.

Within PTL, I focus on business activities, marketing strategies and I try to ensure that both our employees and customers are constantly as satisfied as possible.

In 1998, I founded the first forestry portal in the Czech Republic. I have a number of successful and less successful internet projects. 😉

In the years 2002–2003, I was the chairman of the Center for Electronic Commerce, a specialist section of the Czech Society for System Integration. Since 2016, I have been the Vice-Chairman of the Czech Association of Scientific and Technical Societies.


Employee profiles > Vojtěch Hulinský

Mgr. Vojtěch Hulinský

I enjoyed writing from an early age, but I didn’t believe I could make a living from it – and chose a more pragmatic education and job. After several years of uncreative and stereotypical work, I had a chance to do what really fulfills me. I immediately jumped on it. And since then, I haven’t looked back!

Copywriting – senior, SEO – junior.

Leading Czech e-shop, several marketing agencies and own business.

Employee profiles > Hana Skálová

Hana Skálová

I love visual communication more than any other type of communication. Graphic design and art have always been an essential part of my life. I realized that I needed to do something more creative in high school than just remembering formulas and other information that my brain just couldn’t handle anymore. I do not regret any decision because the graphic arts school allowed me to find my potential and do what I enjoy. I’ve been recently studying at the University of Suffolk in the UK, and I’m looking forward to other exciting challenges that life may bring me.

Graphic Design, Web Design, Photography, Video Production, Animation, Screenwriting.

Cooperation with a few companies, commissions, self-initiated work.